Engineered for Security & Privacy


ChatMail™ offers the strongest encryption enabling you to confidently communicate, protecting your digital identity and valuable assets through a world-class encrypted phone.

Industry Leading Encryption


Imagine that you want to have a private conversation with someone or provide some sensitive information. You write it down and put it in a marked, sealed envelope addressed to the person it is intended for. On its way, your note is opened by several organizations or individuals and the content of your note is duplicated and shared. Without your knowledge it may be sold, exploited and maybe even used against you. Seems unbelievable right? This is what happens when you send or receive information on your smartphone. You can prevent this by switching to an encrypted ChatMail device.


ChatMail was developed to give businesses, individuals and organizations the ability to share information freely, safely, efficiently and privately. We work tirelessly to create a system that operates seamlessly, is intuitively designed and easy for you to use.

Tamper Proof Servers

With our proprietary design, your confidential information can never be compromised. We’ve removed server storage of sensitive data from the equation. Be assured that all your calls, messages group chats, photos, and notes are encrypted and continuously protected and secured.

Chat Sales Global is a ChatMail Certified Executive Partner. We work directly with the ChatMail’s partnership team to accept new distributor applications in our regions including Canada, Mexico, Columbia, United Kingdom, Serbia, Ireland and Spain.

Chat Sales Global is happy to support our distributors with marketing material, portal access, technical support and continued education on the latest encrypted products and upcoming features.


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